A Journey of Hope

A Journey of Hope is a documentary that shares one story, one journey of the life of someone with MS through the eyes of her caregiver. It’s the story of love, hope, and commitment. This documentary was not created for sympathy or pity, but instead it is to help others understand and to educate and build acceptance about the effects that this disease has not only on the person living with it, but also her caregiver/family.


During the summer/fall of 2017, with the strong encouragement from mom’s physician assistant, we began the serious work of researching, testing, and ultimately purchasing three devices for mom and her caregivers. Mom and Dad purchased an electric wheelchair from Millers, which is taking mom more time than expected to get used to, but hopefully, with increased practice she will be using the electric wheelchair daily. A sit-to-stand lift was purchased from Access to Independence. It is used daily for moving her to and from her chair, showering chair, etc. And, finally, they purchased a handicap accessible van from M.C. Mobility, which has brought a new level of ease and to some degree independence to their daily life! To read more about this journey and mom’s new mobility devices, read “Mobility Devices…Improving Quality of Life” blog.