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Bike MS: Pedal to the Point

Last week, I was reading an article in the Youngstown Vindicator, Youngstown Riders team to bicycle 150-mile round trip for MS regarding a four-person team called the Youngstown Riders who will be riding this weekend (August 2 and 3) in the Bike MS: Pedal to the Point. As soon as I read that they were biking to support MS I was, of course, hooked. The article also noted that they train by riding 30-50 miles a day in Mill Creek MetroParks. After reading about their training venue, I needed to meet this group. I had started to see several groups riding on Mill Creek MetroParks' East Golf Hike/Bike Trail and wanted to stop and ask if they were the group riding in Pedal to the Point. Of course, Nikki was having no part of me stopping these cyclists. Coincidentally, a group of cyclists stopped at Mill Creek MetroParks' free concert on Wednesday night so I thought that there was no time like the present to ask if they were the group riding for MS. And wait for it...they were the Youngstown Riders! Immediately we began discussing the ride, MS and of course, KV's Krew, my Mom and Nikki. I found that the Youngstown Riders have chosen the 150 mile ride option with three of them choosing the additional 25 mile century route for a total of a 175 mile ride. Those three riders will bike 100 miles on Saturday and the remaining 75 miles on Sunday. I was so happy to have the opportunity to meet the team and their friends and I look forward to seeing them after the ride to hear the details. As a member of KV's Krew, please join me this weekend as I keep the Youngstown Riders in my thoughts and prayers for a healthy, happy and ultimately, a safe ride. If you are interested in donating to their team and supporting MS, visit their team website. All donations go to the National MS Society, Ohio Buckeye Chapter. Best of luck Youngstown Riders...KV's Krew, the Villella Family and all of our family and friends are supporting and praying for you! May God bless you all on this journey!

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